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A census is important as it provides crucial and vital data on the population of a country. This data is utilized as a primary source of information for The Department of Statistics.






The Population and Housing Census refers to the process of gathering information pertaining to the number and characteristics of all person’s resident within a country.  The last census was conducted in May 2011 and the next census of St. Kitts and Nevis is due on May 16th 2021.

The census seeks to be comprehensive in its scope as data from the census is used for a variety of purposes and reduces the necessity of conducting multiple specialized surveys.  It also supplements data collected by the Social Statistics Unit and National Accounts Unit.

The information collected can be used to inform the resident population and assist government, the private sector, civil society, regional and international development partners in planning, prioritizing resources and implementing policies that can improve the standard of living.

The Statistics Department will use coordinated communication activities to encourage residents to complete the census.  Respondents need to understand the importance of the information that will be gathered and the authority under which the information is collected.

All residents must be counted, including people of all ages, ethnic groups and backgrounds; citizens and non-citizens.


  • Personal Characteristics
  • Migration, Birthplace and Residence
  • Housing
  • Crime
  • Disability
  • Health
  • Education and Training
  • Marital and Union Status
  • Fertility
  • Economic Activity/ Employment


Previous Census 2011 Data

The Census is a decennial event which means it takes place every 10 years. You can find data tables here from the last Census which was conducted in 2011!

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