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The Department of Statistics is a government department that was established in 1966 with a staff of two persons—a Senior Statistics Officer and an Assistant Statistics Officer—to a current staff of 25 in 2019, including 7 interns. The compilation of external trade statistics was the main focus of activity with secondary data obtained from some government departments. Today, activities of the department covers all sectors of the economy and all levels of government.

The Department of Statistics is a government entity in the Ministry of Sustainable Development. It is headed by a Director who is administratively responsible to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Sustainable Development.

The Department of Statistics consists of five divisions:

  1. National Accounts Statistics
  2. Balance of Payments and Tourism Statistics
  3. Social Statistics and Surveys
  4. Merchandise Trade Statistics
  5. Price Statistics

It produces a range of economic, social and demographic statistics, including national accounts, balance of payments, consumer price index, international trade, tourism and production statistics. It also produces the decennial Census of Population and Housing, Agriculture Census, Labor Force Survey, Household and Expenditure Survey and other ad hoc surveys and studies.

The Department expresses sincere thanks to its Development Partners. Theses agencies have assisted in the development of the website and the production of the Statistical Output herein. The support of these agencies is sincerely appreciated.

The mandate of the Department of Statistics is to develop and manage an integrated, harmonized and coordinated National Statistical System which generates adequate, relevant, coherent, timely and quality statistics to meet national, regional and international data needs, to guide national development planning and to facilitate monitoring and evaluation of programmes and initiatives.

The vision of the Department of Statistics is to “create an innovative and efficient National Statistical System that values well-educated, trained and ethical employees who produce statistics in a timely, relevant, accurate manner with quality, integrity and reliability as basic mandates.”

The mission is “to produce timely, relevant and accurate statistics relating to population, resources, economy, society and culture that support the national development agenda and development initiatives.”

The duties of the Department of Statistics, according to the Act are:

a. To collect, compile, analyze, abstract and publish statistical information relative to the commercial, industrial, social, economic and general activities and

conditions of the people who are the inhabitants of this State;

b. To collaborate with all other departments of Government and with local authorities in the collection, computation and publication of statistical records of administration;

c. To take any census in the State;

d. Generally to organize a coordinated scheme of social and economic statistics and intelligence pertaining to the State.


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